Cisco CCNA practice Test: Strive for progress

Cisco CCNA practice Test: Strive for progress

Excelling in the Cisco CCNA certification is not only a matter of studies, it requires a deep understanding of the networking ground playing and security technologies covered in the CCNA curriculum. As a CCNA, you should have the ability to install, configure and operate local area networks, wide area networks as well as dial access services for standard networks. It also involves the use of various protocols including VLANs, RIPv2, Relay, IP RIP, Frame, EIGRP, IP, and Ethernet.  You will be required to be prepared for browser based simulation questions types which include Cisco iOS command line question types. With the new 200-120 CCNA Routing and switching curriculum, there have been changes introduced by Cisco. The major reason for the change was to make sure that exams contain topics which are not covered in other CCNA certifications such as wireless networks and security. More focus has also been put on routing and switching technologies. There is a significant emphasis on IP sub-netting and IPV6 topics IPV6 topics which used to be widely covered in previous similar exams. The new topics covered in routing majorly include EIGRP and OSPF. In switching technologies, topics included are majorly VLANS and STP. High availability technologies such as VRRP, HSRP and GLBP are also incorporated due to their frequent usage in today’s networks. To achieve the best in the exams, studying well is not enough. You need to be equipped with question-answering techniques. Our new practice test will expose you to various types of question that might be included in the certification exams. Cisco CCNA practical Test will definitely give you the much needed confidence in an exam room, unlike when you’re completely unaware of what to expect. This test comprehensively covers all the topics to be tested in the exams including the those covered by the ICND1 and ICND2 exams. Cost is no longer a reason to avoid the test anymore; we have sliced it from $119 to $99. Start a journey to CCNA certification today. You can easily access an online exam from here

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